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New Jersey Gun Permits - NJ Firearm Permit - Firearm License - Gun Purchase Permit - Concealed Carry Permit

Defensive Security can provide Guidance to New Jersey Residents in obtaining NJ firearm permits.  NJ firearm purchase cards are required for all purchases, and individual permits are required for each handgun.

DEFENSIVE SECURITY is Licensed by the Federal Government (ATF) and by the State of New Jersey. All instructors have National Certification for handgun, rifle & shotgun training.

Defensive Security can provide the following services:

  • Guide you in obtaining a New Jersey firearm permit through your local police department. You will need a New Jersey Firearm Purchase card for all purchases & an individual permit for each handgun you wish to purchase. You don't need individual permits for rifles or shotguns - just handguns require individual permits. YOU DO NOT NEED A PERMIT TO FIRE A GUN AT A SHOOTING RANGE WITH AN INSTRUCTOR.
  • Assist in the selecting the proper handgun for your use. A Live-Fire sampling using a selection of handguns allows you to choose the proper handgun to match your comfort and abilities. Our Certified Instructors provide this service.
  • We will provide Purchase advice for your firearms, amunition and accessories. We can provide TRANSFER's of firearms from other licensed dealers, from anywhere in the country. All firearm transfers require the assistance of a licensed FFL dealer for ANY firearm.
    Defensive Security will provide personal training in the safety and use of your handgun, rifle or shotgun..
  • Defensive Security will provide annual refresher courses to maintain the serviceability of your firearm and your proficiency in its use.
Get helpin getting your New Jersey gun license.

DEFENSIVE SECURITY's total dedication is to provide you with firearm knowledge, security, comfort and instruction. Training in the safe and proper use of a firearm is of paramount importance to us. Don’t procrastinate any further!
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To purchase a handgun, the first step is to obtain the required permit to purchase a handgun. This requires approval from your local police department. The process is not difficult, but has a set of rules that are unique. You cannot be denied this permit without just cause. For further information about our services, please provide us with the following information to be placed on our email list. This information is not shared with any other organization.

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