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Your New Jersey source for personalized firearm consultation, training and instruction

If you are looking for a NRA Certified Instructor for a Unique one-on-one consulatation related to the Selection of a Firearm, or Gun Training
in New Jersey, then you are in the right place.

Before you purchase a firearm, ask yourself this important question:
What is the primary use for this gun? It can be for home defense, target shooting collecting as a hobby or even competition shooting; the answer will take you on the correct path for choosing the right firearm!
We can provide you with hands-on experience... Before you buy!

Mercer County New Jersey - Firearm Consultation, Instruction, Training.

We are your local source for personalized SELECTION, INSTRUCTION and TRAINING for firearms in New Jersey. We are located in Mercer County.



  • Help you in the selection of a firearm that's best suited for your needs and interests. A one-on-one private consultation makes it easier.

  • We can provide you with "hands-on instruction" of various types of firearms. This is done at a state-of-the-art shooting Mel Katz - NRA Certified Instructorrange, where you are accompanied by an advisor that is a nationally certified instructor. YOU DON'T NEED A PERMIT TO TEST-FIRE FIREARMS OR TAKE INSTRUCTION. We offer personalized instruction on how to shoot various styles and calibers of handguns to help determine what best meets your abilities and needs via a personalized consulatation.

  • Our NRA Certified Instructors insure you aer dealing with a professional, well trained expert.

  • We can provide personalized refresher and proficiency sessions that meet your needs & schedule.



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Mercer County, NJ
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 Call Us for a Personal, Private Consultation with a NRA Certified Instructor.

 All Meetings Are Held Privately,
By Appointment, Without
The Frustrations Of a Noisy,
Public Environment.