NRA Certified Training Cources

New Jersey NRA Certified Firearm Instructor

NRA Certified Instructorr - Handle and test fire a variety of guns to choose the best for you.


Why choose an NRA Certified Instructor?
It’s a choice of having a professional, nationally recognized instructor, or, you go it alone…

NRA Certified InstructorNRA Certified Instructors are recognized throughout the world as a leading provider of training and instruction in the use of firearms. Participants in an NRA course obtain a certificate of completion that is accepted by the majority of states, law enforcement organizations and private security firms requiring formal training before allowing a concealed carry permit to be issued and/or as a process for employment.

The NRA is the top civilian choice for the serious minded individual wanting to learn the proper way of handling a firearm, firearm safety, firearm knowledge and an understanding of how to choose the correct firearm for an intended use. This includes; home security, target shooting and competition shooting. Most importantly, the correct method of handling and shooting a firearm is taught. There are no substitutes.

National Rifle Assocaiation

Since 1871, the National Rifle Assocaiation (NRA) has provided citizens of the United States and people all over the world, a means of obtaining firearm knowledge, legislation activity, updated local laws and importantly; formal instruction on firearm safety and fundamentals.



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Mel Katz, Senior Advisor